Kgveteran's 2D Difuser

- sheets of blue styrofoam 4'x8'x2". Each sheet will yeild a 48"x48" skyline and cost you $23.
- a styrofoam cutter(wallwart powered). The cutter is a wire stretched between two steel rods and it heats up enough to cut but not enough to cause smoke and such. It cuts like a hot knife through butter. The cutter on line is about $35.

- Cut it in 8"x4' sections (12).
- Measure and draw the pattern on the foam with a marker, which helps to cut straight lines. One possible pattern is shown below.
- Then cut it from one end to the other in a 2" swath pattern and it yeilds a mirror image of itself and you now have two 7"x4' sections that can be hot glued together. I spray painted them with flat gray house paint(latex).